PATIENCE! It will be even better when the time is right.  

I have to keep this at the front of my thoughts right now so that I don’t sink ever deeper into the well of self pity. 

Sometimes not getting your way is a blessing. 

Just keep marching on.

April 4

  • Start small and repeat – best way to make changes
  • Hope really matters
  • “Life’s to short to be an asshole”. – Louis CK
  • Don’t apologize for who you are and what you love
  • Indulge in your curiosities 
  • Always trust your gut
  • It’s ok to let people down sometimes, your human

April 3

Random thoughts:

Hold yourself accountable for your life

Be focused on what you WANT not what you  don’t 

Learn to speak to your self with love

Learn how to properly relax

Work on making your home your haven