Romans 12


Hi!  This is the last of my Romans 12 notes..

  • Look for people who need love and then look for ways to offer it to them
  • Don’t select and use people to climb a social ladder
  • Treat ALL people with respect
  • Never consider others as beneath you
  • Never pay back evil with evil
  • Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone
  • Never take revenge, let God handle it
  • Conquer evil by doing good
  • Always forgive, offer grace and mercy

Romans 12


  • Rejoice in confident hope
  • Be Patient
    • I might be the most impatient person on the planet.  I’m trying 🙂
  • Offer hospitality
  • Pray for those that persecute you
  • Be happy with the happy and weep with the weeping
  • Live in harmony with each other
    • in other words you can’t always be right and that is ok
  • Enjoy the company of ordinary people
  • Don’t think you know it all
  • Our gifts should be used to serve God
  • Help others become better people

Romans 12


  • Don’t think you are better then anyone else
    • I don’t and when I find myself thinking or acting this way I am quick to check myself.  Thank you Holy Spirit for that.
  • Don’t think you are better then you really are
    • Easy one..I don’t
  • Be honest with yourself about your faults
    • I try to be but it is always a work in progress.  I am probably harder on myself then I should be
  • Really love people,  hate is wrong
    • No hate -No way
  • Hold tightly to God
    • Yes!!
  • Show others genuine affection, take delight in honoring others
    • This can be hard but I have definatley come a long way
  • Don’t be lazy, work hard
    • I’m so lazy….I need to work on this.  I mean sometimes I work really hard but it seems to come in spurts…short spurts 🙂
  • Serve God with enthusiasm
    • Yes!!

Romans 12


Here are some notes on Romans 12 that I took:

  • Don’t be selfish
  • Don’t be proud
  • Don’t be stubborn
  • Don’t be arrogant

What can the Holy Spirit do for us:

  • Renew our mid
  • Re-educate  us
  • Redirect us

Everything about us should be dedicated to God.

Ask God to use all of you.

How might God use all of you?  For me this is just saying that God wants me to be real and accept myself, the good and the bad.  All of my past, present and future.  God can take our mistakes and use them for good.  He has nothing bad planned for us.  It can all be used for good.  I am willing  to let him.  I give it all to him and any good that comes all the glory goes to God.  He is good.



What can we do with a clean heart and a renewed spirit? God can change us but then what is out part?

The Bible is literally filled with instructions on how to live a good life.

Isaiah 55:3 says “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the unfailing love I promised to David.”

Come to me with your ears wide open! I love that!! This is what I wrote down when I read that verse.

How can I make my ears wide open?

  • Be quiet
  • Pay attention
  • Talk less
  • Listen more

I love Jesus and I am surrendered and I’m growing and changing everyday but I want to show everyone else the glory of God and I am going to have to be listening to do that.

I know it seems a little strange to say listen more when you want to share God’s glory but this works two ways.

  • Be quiet so you can hear God. If our minds are here there and everywhere we will never hear anything. If your reading the Bible but thinking about the grocery list, that’s no good.
  • Be quiet so you can hear other people reaching out for help. Listen to people. Hear them and respond thoughtfully not impulsively. Give God a chance to work on your heart and give you the right words to say.



1. We forgive because we have been forgiven

2. Be kind and tenderhearted, always

This verse makes me think about my own interactions with people. I like to say I am kind but there are so many times when I walk away from an interaction where I just feel icky about something I said or speaking when it really wasn’t necessary. I catch myself having judgmental thoughts and I really don’t like it. I am always quick to repent but I wish it would just stop. It is something I work on daily.

DO – be kind and helpful. Listen more talk less

STOP – judging and offering criticism

We are all so broken why would any of us ever think to give criticism instead of just kindness and love.


Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio Guys this book is just tremendous, stupendous and better than chocolate cake. I don’t know where to begin but if you are facing a giant in your life weather it be addiction or anger or anxiety or some other tormentor please read this book. It’s pure joy and love!Some notes I took:

  • It’s important to talk about your giant with a group of trusted people.. confess it don’t conceal it
  • We don’t have to fight with the giant.. Jesus is bigger than the giant
  • When you believe that Jesus is bigger than whatever your facing it will start to change you.
  • The giants can taunt us but Jesus always has the ultimate power

My giant has always been fear, anxiety and panic disorder. I have been fighting and battling it for so long and I know that it has kept me from being the person I am meant to be. It’s changing though and it’s all Jesus. I am praying and reading and learning and the more I do the closer he comes and the stronger I feel. Fear can not stand in the face of Jesus. I didn’t know this before but I do now and it changes everything!!